Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2021

A-Z Entries 2021

Watch this space, the entries for 2021 will be published here in November!

This Years Categories

Nominees for this category will be able to demonstrate an approach to food production and land management that has an holistic approach to being sustainable both in environmental and economic terms; this may include the following:

  • Prioritising nature recovery as part of land management and is working to increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat to strengthen Cornwall’s nature network
  • Working to reduce carbon footprint with a clear action plan
  • Focusing on protection of natural resources – soil health, clean air, clean water, landscape
  • Developing a sustainable approach to future resource use, and reducing reliance on external inputs – including water, chemicals, organic matter, animal feed & medication
  • Looking at supply chain sustainability with a priority of people and local community – local food networks & markets, engagement, education, access & training, circular economy in use of materials, working with community groups to share resources
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The Awards Process 2021

  1. Nominate or apply via the online form by 31st October.
  2. Entries are judged by our expert panel by the end of November.
  3. Results are announced at the award ceremony on 3rd December

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