Tevi - Growing Your Business, Growing Our Environment

Tevi – Cornish for Grow

We’re pleased to announce that CSA has been integrated into Tevi!

Tevi is an exciting project seeking to innovatively integrate ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘circular economics’ approaches to drive business innovation, resource efficiency, and contribute to Cornwall’s long-term environmental growth.

What is Tevi about?

Tevi partners will work with and support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly to help identify opportunities for increased productivity and economic resilience.

Tevi will focus on promoting environmental mitigation and resilience, thus safeguarding business productivity and performance, as well as increasing resource efficiency and supporting growth in business productivity.

The project includes the development and implementation of an environmental growth focused business support toolkit, environmental open innovation networks, and practical advice about potential habitats and species enhancements, as well as advice on communicating the enhancements to the business’s customers and staff.


What can Tevi offer you?

  • The opportunity to strengthen and streamline your supply chain for resilience against future business challenges
  • Free advice from business and environmental experts and researchers.
  • Access to a wide network of like-minded SMEs in Cornwall, focused on environmental and business growth
  • An environmental challenge grant scheme with generous intervention rates, starting in 2019

Want to find out more?

Any Cornish SME can benefit from Tevi. If you are interested in doing your bit to contribute to Cornwall’s environmental growth, and growing your business as you do so, they want to hear from you.

Contact Tevi by email if you would like to hear more at [email protected]

You can also register your interest in Tevi on their website: www.tevi.co.uk