Teagle receives Overall Winner at 2016 Sustainability Awards

Agricultural machinery manufacturer, Teagle, was awarded overall winner at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards on Friday 2nd December 2016 at the ceremony held at Truro School.

Other winners include:


Best Managed Micro Business

Chocolarder Ltd

Chocolarder is a Bean to Bar chocolate company based in Cornwall. They work directly with cocoa farmers to source the best beans while paying prices that are above typical commodity prices.

When possible, the beans are transported from South America by engineless sail ships to make this long journey more sustainable, and they aim to ship all of their beans this way within the next two years.

The beans are roasted in an efficient, built-in-house roaster, the products are not treated with chemicals like in larger companies, and the tempered chocolate is poured on marble to prevent the need for air conditioning to cool it down.

They created their own packaging which is 100% recyclable, made from 78% recycled materials, and produced only 15 miles away from their factory – their chocolate is even delivered in an electric car.


Best Managed Small Business

Cornwall Solar Panels

Cornwall Solar Panels are a small local business that works exclusively with Solar PV in order to remain focused on their sustainable aims and practises. They only use and purchase materials as and when they are needed to reduce waste and pollution from transport and they work hard to reduce their energy, heating and water usage where possible.

They have a cycle to work scheme, and hope to build a sustainable, energy efficient building of their own which uses rainwater and wood burners to further reduce their use of less sustainable energy sources


Best Managed Medium Business

Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights have a commitment to only serve the highest quality and sustainably sourced products as their daily focus for both take away and for dining in their restaurant.

In the Fish and Chip industry, they do their best to have an ambassadorial role promoting issues around fish sustainability.


Best Managed Large Business

Teagle Machinery Ltd

Teagle Machinery is a manufacturer and distributor of quality Agricultural Machinery.

At Teagle, they use a variety of sustainable energy sources, recycle products where they can, have changed some production methods to reduce pollution and by-product waste, and have built new, energy-efficient buildings to replace the older, less efficient ones.

They run a ‘cycle to work’ scheme with their employees, and also help to reduce traffic and road pollution by offering to help with deliveries to and from local companies.

They also manage an area of woodland, where they plant new trees to replace older ones that have died.


Best Contribution Towards Creating A Sustainable Food Economy

The Cornish Seaweed Company Ltd

The Cornish Seaweed Company believes that high quality products and sustainability go hand in hand, and do not have one without the other. They dry their seaweed using poly tunnels rather than the typical dehumidifying method, which would have been far more wasteful and a greater use of energy.

Any seaweed that they do not sell is either used as part of dog food, or to go into compost and soil for agricultural and gardening use.

They hand harvest the seaweed, and rotate their harvesting areas to allow for regrowth, all while making sure not to disturb or harm any wildlife.


Best Contribution Towards The Creation Of A Sustainable Energy Economy

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

They have acquired electric cars and Solar PV systems to help them reduce their use on non-sustainable energy, and to decrease their emissions output. They work hard to reduce use where possible and are continuing to beat their sustainability targets.


Best Contribution To Resource Efficiency

Maen Karne Ltd

Maen Karne Ltd is the Southwest’s leading Bulk Bag and Loose Aggregate Supplier, specialising in Bulk Haulage and Muck Away.

The company have made improvements to their usage of water and energy by doing things such as installing boreholes in order to reduce their use of mains supplied water, and even using locally sourced, 100% recycled source materials for their products.


Best Contribution To The Built Environment: Retrofit

Ward Williams Associates

Ward Williams Associates is an independent professional construction consultancy providing a range of specialist services for building and civil engineering projects across all sectors of the industry.

They recently worked on transforming derelict Grade II listed buildings into high quality, sustainable and energy efficient workshops.


Best Contribution To The Built Environment: New Build

Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield Ltd has been designing and manufacturing steam-bent, wooden lighting and furniture since 2008. Recently, the team created a steam-bent wooden house, which was even featured on Grand Designs.

This is the new build which won their award, with 80% of the wood coming locally from English woodlands that are sustainably managed, reducing transportation mileage. The new build blends into a Grade II listed building, which was renovated working with National Heritage.


Best Contribution To Cornwall’s Brand Through Sustainability: Export

Clayworks Ltd

Clayworks has a very simple mixing business that uses little energy and little water and that works with materials that are, by nature, compostable and non-toxic.

This company is leading the field in the development of environmentally friendly architecture and the design of healthy environments.


Best Contribution To Cornwall’s Brand Through Sustainability: Enabler

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide helps us all make good sustainable choices when choosing Cornish seafood.

They believe that we all need to support the Cornish fishermen who are operating responsibly, and use our buying power to incentivise further improvement to the industry.


Best Individual Contribution

Manda Brookman, CoaST

Manda Brookman is the Executive Director of CoaST, which is a third sector social enterprise that practises, encourages and incites ‘one planet’ tourism at every opportunity.


Tomorrow’s Contribution To Sustainability

ISO Spaces

ISO Spaces is an innovative Cornish company that designs and manufactures bespoke modular buildings from recycled shipping containers.

The company pride themselves on being able to create portable, commercial spaces that don’t result in concreting over any land. As a manufacturing company, they are acutely aware of the impact their engineering and operations can have on the environment and so they are on a continuous journey to work more efficiently, in a way that is design-led, but also sustainable.


Highly Commended: KinetIQue Jewellery

KinetIQue Jewellery is a company creating ‘Earth friendly’ diamonds that refuses to turn a “blind-eye” to the poor record of environmental damage that persists for the sake of vanity.

The IQ Diamond benefits from being the most diamond-like gem in nearly every aspect, even surpassing diamond’s toughness.


Best Contribution To Sustainable Land Management For Environmental Growth

Cotna Eco Retreat

The vision at Cotna Eco Retreat is to lead an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life in harmony with the elements, the land and their local community.

Cotna produce green energy, and have vegetables, fruit and preserves which are grown organically and seasonally. They want share all of this by welcoming visitors to stay, providing courses and offering volunteering opportunities


Best Contribution To Sustainability By Increasing Resilience In The Community

Stratton Primary School

Stratton primary school has done a lot in regards to sustainability and cooperation within their local community. They have organized Walking Buses to help the children get to school together and safely, all while reducing traffic and pollution on the roads.

They have also held cycling lessons and have a bike exchange so that students may ride to school if they wish. Stratton primary aim to make their school as sustainable as they can, and the local community is kept involved through the website and regular updates via the newsletter and school facebook account.


Overall Winner

Teagle Machinery Ltd


Congratulations to Teagle Machinery Ltd – photos of the evening are available to view in our gallery.

You can also watch a video of the ceremony highlights here!

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